While I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, I had to put it on hold for many years while I raised a family and pursued a corporate career. However, after I retired and my daughter married, I was able to pick up the paintbrush again and begin to reinvent myself. Although I took some adult painting classes, I was having a difficult time really getting started and understanding what I was trying to share. This past year though, I took a series of abstraction and expressive painting classes and I feel like it has begun to all come together.

Every night, the news shows stories of hate, violence, and corruption. The amount of hate on social media and in our world these days has had a huge negative effect on my mood, which is usually positive and hopeful. This has helped me to understand what I want to paint and share with my viewers, which can be summed up in this quote:

“A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle”

So each of my art pieces aim to include something that will brighten a viewer’s day (or even moment) with hope, happiness, calmness, humor, or even an “awwwww'” moment.

My inspiration typically comes from nature but recently I have been inspired also by favorite childhood memories. These paintings have a completely different color combination and are fun and playful. And while abstract painting is my passion, I have also been enjoying creating tiny pieces of cute or whimsical art.

Since life in general is complicated with many layers, creating paintings with multiple layers helps to tell the story I am trying to share. I usually begin with graphite to sketch a basic composition and use acrylic paint, pastel, charcoal, and ink to continue to create the basics of the painting. After that has begun to emerge, I lean towards my intuitive side to add layers of marks, colors, textures, and different media to create a piece I can be proud of.