Dancing with Evie

In addition to painting, I love my dogs. Several years ago, we had a pack of four senior dogs: 2 regular pomeranians, a giant pom, and a Siberian Husky. We walked all the time and everywhere but, as they hit nine or ten years, they really slowed down. Except for that Husky! Ava was all about walking, it didn’t matter where, when, or how far. She kept enjoying those walks right up until the time she passed away. At that point, especially since it was the beginning of summer in the Deep South and all the dogs were so old, the walks ceased and the Summer of Sad began.

Towards Labor Day, we acquired a new dog, Evie, a mixed breed close to the size of Ava. And, although she was already seven years old, she was in great shape. And as soon as we got her home and a little settled, we took her for her first walk.

She LOVED it and I LOVED having a dog to walk again! I was ecstatic during that first walk and it became the inspiration for this joyful artwork. I really tried to convey the same level of happiness that I felt during that first walk!

This painting is mixed media done primarily with acrylic paints. It is 12″ x 12″ and 1.5″ deep. The sides have been painted a light grey and a wire has been attached for hanging.

It is currently available at Stewart Heath Gallery in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

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